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Four Fights Infographics Gallery

Here is a gallery of Four Fights images which explain the national picture, these are free for you to download and use. Locally, CCCU members are profoundly affected by the risible pay offer of 1.5% while inflation runs above 7%, and by the new workload modelling practices, which give us a mere 20 minutes to read and give feedback on student assessments. A successful ballot gives the branch negotiating leverage to go into meetings with management and advocate for better pay and conditions on your behalf.

EGM Notification

This bulletin is to notify members that the CCCU Branch Executive has called an Extraordinary
General Meeting of the branch on Wednesday 9 March (at 1pm). It also outlines the procedure
for elections to the Branch Executive.
The EGM is taking place for two reasons: firstly, a number of posts are vacant on the Executive
following the resignation of their incumbents; secondly, last November, the Branch agreed a
new constitution – which opens up the executive to more members and also establishes a
Negotiating Committee.
We urge you to consider standing for the branch executive.

Click this link to read the bulletin on the EGM and how you can stand for a10role. The deadline is 10th feb to stand for a REP role.

EGM notification Jan 202



CCCU UCU Branch members re Omicrom Variant

Dear Member

You will not have missed the Governments recent announcement regarding the introduction of ‘plan’ B. As such Christchurch University has put in place a revised and amended risk assessment process based of these recommendations, however.

On Tuesday 14th December UCU HQ published further guidance and called ‘…for all teaching to move online immediately …’ To this effect your union has requested that HR implement ‘working from home’ until at least until the beginning of the new year in order to reduce colleagues’ exposure to this highly contagious new Covid variant. Unfortunately, HR has not agreed to this. Following this your unions advice is as follows.

First and foremost, where an individual feels at risk, to have a discussion with their line manager as to alternative modes of working. Where this is unproductive and where the individual member continues to feel in serious and imminent danger that member will be able to rely on the Employment Rights Act 1996, In particular Section 44, the ‘serious and Imminent danger’ provision.

S.44 Health and Safety case

(1)   An employee has the right not to be subjected to any detriment by any act, or any deliberate failure to act, by his employer done on the ground that

(d) in circumstances of danger which the employee reasonably believed to be serious and imminent and which he could not reasonably have been expected to avert, he left (or proposed to leave) or (while the danger persisted) refused to return to his place of work or any dangerous part of his place of work, or

(e) in circumstances of danger which the employee reasonably believed to be serious and imminent, he took (or proposed to take) appropriate steps to protect himself or other persons from the danger.

There is no doubt that exposure to the Covid virus is a serious danger to the employee and people they come into contact with, and that where F2F teaching is reasonably believed to be seriously and imminently dangerous, an appropriate step might be to teach online.

If any members have difficulty with line management regarding these guidelines be assured that when you are trying to follow UCU policy on Covid related issues you will have the full support of your union.  If you encounter problems please contact the branch health and safety Rep Chris Biela.

UCU Branch Exec

Trans Awareness Week 2021

This week is Trans Awareness Week 2021, which runs from Saturday 13 to Saturday 20 November, and ends with Trans Day of Remembrance on Saturday 20 November. UCU is encouraging members to do something to mark, and raise awareness of trans equality, and has some useful resources to help you to do this on their website at:



UCU CCCU have arranged for some national CPD training for members and non-members at CCCU in the form of a webinar on ‘LGBT Language in Use’, scheduled for this Wednesday 17th November from 1630. You can sign up using the following link:

If you want to take part in the LGBT+ Language in Use Webinar on Wednesday 17 November at 430pm  click the link here


There is also a service for Trans Day of Remembrance being held from 1300-1400 on Friday 19th November in the University Chapel on the North Holmes Campus, Canterbury.


In addition, it is National Anti-Bullying Week from Monday 15th November, and International Day of Tolerance on Tuesday 16th November, both of which UCU supports. You can find out more about all the UCU-supported equality events at: UCU – Equality events

In solidarity and equality,





Vote Today Get Your Ballot in the post by Tues 2nd Nov



What are we balloting over?

Four fights, one union

We are calling on the employers to

  • address the scandal of the gender, ethnic, and disability pay gap
  • end contract casualisation and rising job insecurity
  • tackle the rising workloads driving our members to breaking point
  • increase to all spine points on the national pay scale of £2,500.

Please stand up for fair conditions and fair pay in our sector.

Read more about our four fights here

Branch Elections

The full results of the branch election are given below:

Chair: Bryan Hawkins
Branch Secretary: Antonio Sama
Membership Officer: John Bulaitis and Ian Jasper (role-share)
Communication Officer: Magz Hall
Treasurer: Jim Butcher
Health and Safety Officer: Chris Biela
Equalities and Diversity Officer: Craig Potter
BAME Officer: Juman Simaan
LGBTQ+ Officer: Caroline Digby-Bowl and Jen Leighton (role-share)
Women Officer: Sarah Laslett
Professional Services Officer: Tasha Andrews
Faculty Medicine, Health and Social Care Rep: Adele Phillips
Faculty Art, Humanities and Education Rep: Leonie Hicks

Vacant roles:
Disability Officer
Faculty Science, Engineering and Social Science

Contact details for Branch Exec have been updated which you will find on our branch welcome page.

Proposals to cut pensions by 35% work out how this effects you using UCU modeller

Under UUK’s pension proposals a typical member would build up 35% less in guaranteed benefits between now and retirement. Find out how much you would lose with our modeller: ucu.org.uk/ussmodeller

Story: cutt.ly/MnowNTT #NotTodayUUK

For instance this means a member who is a Senior Lecturer current pension package £9,825 per year the proposal cuts it to £5,864 per year. Current lump sum £29,476 cut to £17,592. Around 35% lost for most members. Check the modeller today and see how much you stand to loose if the proposals go ahead.