Trans Awareness Week 2021

This week is Trans Awareness Week 2021, which runs from Saturday 13 to Saturday 20 November, and ends with Trans Day of Remembrance on Saturday 20 November. UCU is encouraging members to do something to mark, and raise awareness of trans equality, and has some useful resources to help you to do this on their website at:


UCU CCCU have arranged for some national CPD training for members and non-members at CCCU in the form of a webinar on ‘LGBT Language in Use’, scheduled for this Wednesday 17th November from 1630. You can sign up using the following link:

If you want to take part in the LGBT+ Language in Use Webinar on Wednesday 17 November at 430pm  click the link here


There is also a service for Trans Day of Remembrance being held from 1300-1400 on Friday 19th November in the University Chapel on the North Holmes Campus, Canterbury.


In addition, it is National Anti-Bullying Week from Monday 15th November, and International Day of Tolerance on Tuesday 16th November, both of which UCU supports. You can find out more about all the UCU-supported equality events at: UCU – Equality events

In solidarity and equality,