Join the Union

More than 120,000 of your colleagues have chosen to belong to UCU. This makes it the largest and most effective voice for people like you working in post-school education. 

Join Union via UCU website link here 

There are many reasons for joining a union the most obvious are:


UCU is the largest post-school union in the world. Your employer and the government cannot ignore a union of this size. Of course the more members we have the stronger our voice will be.


People who work in post-school education have never been under so much pressure. Staff numbers drop as student numbers rise – often with no matching increase in funding. UCU campaigns and negotiates locally and nationally for tangible results. Defending and advancing your employment and professional interests, both nationally and locally, is what UCU does best.


UCU influences educational policy. We speak for the practitioners – arguing against the growing teaching and administrative burdens placed on our members. We make representations to all the key players in post-school education.


As a UCU member you will have access to legal support. Unions win millions of pounds in compensation for their members every year.


Unions provide the only legitimate way a democratically organised group of employees can express their view to employers and government if local or national negotiations fail.

Don’t leave it to others to defend your pay and conditions

Join Union via UCU website link here