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Branch update 17/03/20

Dear UCU CCCU member,


My main aim over the last few days has been to get UCU CCCU more fully recognised and represented and active within the structures of decision making that have emerged in response to CV 19.


We have made progress – UCU are currently  represented in Operational Group one of the two University groups overseeing the current situation .


This group has now met twice and will from now meet online daily.


UCU CCCU are currently not represented on the Strategic Leadership Group which also  meets daily. UCU CCCU will be seeking to change this situation.


At the Operational Group meetings UCU has emphasised:


the importance of Union and staff involvement (Unison, Unite were not represented and academic staff were not well represented in this group)


the importance of clear guidelines and guidance to staff and students and clear forward planning matched by clear assurances to staff and students specifically on issues of keeping individual staff, at risk individual staff and their families safe


the importance of staff feeling confident in case of self-isolation and staying away from work to protect themselves or their families and confident that staff will be paid and supported by the University


the importance of assurances for staff on the myriad of contracts active and including zero hour contracts that they will be paid for work they would have done and given assurances allowing them to make decisions such as self-isolation  for the good of all at the University without risk to their roles in the future.


Assurances on these points have been made verbally and we are expecting further staff communications to confirm these points.




We have been reviewing the UCU communications infrastructure – more on this soon – but for the moment please continue to contact myself for workplace and policy issues and UCU CCCU Health and Safety Rep for all issues relating to Health and Safety and directly relating to CV19.


We are in discussion about the immense workload and strain staff are now under and the need to consider these issues across the short medium and long term


We are in discussion about the need to reflect on key UCU CCCU negotiations and University processes currently occurring (e.g. WLP DLP Review Processes) in the current context


We are in discussion about assessment and exam arrangements.


Please let me know if you thoughts on the position taken so far and on additional issues and concerns  to be taken up.


All Best Wishes at this difficult time,


Bryan Hawkins



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