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Branch Update 23/03/20

Dear UCU Members,
These are odd and difficult times. The pace of change in relation to our lives and workplace has been extraordinary and fast.
UCU CCCU have been involved in working positively  in supporting our members and in working closely with SMT.
Last week we were focused on engaging with the decision making groups set up by the University, securing assurances and agreement on key issues and on setting up alternative arrangements for communication within UCU CCCU as we move online.
UCU is represented on the Operational Delivery Group and as Chair of UCU CCCU I have had and will continue to have direct communication with Rama and Margaret Ayers head of HR. We have been seeking to work positively and supportively in line with PHE and Government guidance, UCU communications and communications from members.
During last week UCU CCCU negotiated  with SMT CCCU that no posts at risk would be announced or considered until the end of June this year. Additionally SMT have agreed that all  workers employed at CCCU (regardless of type of contract) will be paid for all work that would have been undertaken prior to the current emergency. UCU CCCU  expect that these  agreements as clear assurances will be sent to to all staff in the next few days. UCU CCCU will continue to monitor this situation.
These negotiated assurances are very significant and some Universities have not taken the positive stance adopted at our University. However UCU CCCU recognise that negotiations on behalf of our members will be an important element of our work over the coming months.
At the moment and for this week UCU CCCU contacts are:
workplace and Policy
health and safety
We will be setting up a Teams site for the executive and one for members and testing these during the week.
The University Online is an ambitious project and will effect all our lives.
Please continue to communicate with us and contribute to your UCU CCCU. There will be important aspects of UCU CCCU work such as information gathering, collecting of opinion and the monitoring of University actions and processes that will need to be supported by help from members.
Together we are continuing to make a difference.
Our best wishes to you, keep safe
Bryan Hawkins

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