Branch Elections

The full results of the branch election are given below:

Chair: Bryan Hawkins
Branch Secretary: Antonio Sama
Membership Officer: John Bulaitis and Ian Jasper (role-share)
Communication Officer: Magz Hall
Treasurer: Jim Butcher
Health and Safety Officer: Chris Biela
Equalities and Diversity Officer: Craig Potter
BAME Officer: Juman Simaan
LGBTQ+ Officer: Caroline Digby-Bowl and Jen Leighton (role-share)
Women Officer: Sarah Laslett
Professional Services Officer: Tasha Andrews
Faculty Medicine, Health and Social Care Rep: Adele Phillips
Faculty Art, Humanities and Education Rep: Leonie Hicks

Vacant roles:
Disability Officer
Faculty Science, Engineering and Social Science

Contact details for Branch Exec have been updated which you will find on our branch welcome page.

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