UCU CCCU Update 9th November

Dear Member,


Things move on apace and this update reflects the current national and local situations, UCU and UCU CCCU policies and decisions and ongoing negotiations with SMT.


I have tried to give direct and straightforward information and statements. Opportunities for updates and discussion occur at our regular Branch Meetings.


Please do check the UCU CCCU website (https://cccu.web.ucu.org.uk/) and attend and contribute to Branch Meetings and / or send comments views questions etc to me (bryan.hawkins@canterbury.ac.uk) or Antonio Sama Branch Secretary (antonio.sama@canterbury.ac.uk) .


Our new Semi-autonomous working groups will be reporting soon.


The groups currently set up are:


Workload/Blended Learning

Protected Characteristics/Disabilities

Casework and Hardship




Watch out too for our rolling programme of Faculty focused meetings identifying areas of concern and issues to be considered in Faculty contexts.




The​ Joint Negotiating and Consultation Sub Group (JNCSG) – Progress in UCU CCCU/ SMT Negotiations


This new UCU CCCU negotiation initiative is linked to the JNCC. The JNCC traditionally met once or twice a semester for formal negotiation between Unions and SMT. In relation to the pandemic the JNCC took over the responsibility of agreeing the Temporary Agreement (TA) and overseeing its review.


With the multiple concerns of staff in mind UCU CCCU have now negotiated weekly JNCSG meetings which will become the focus for the management and monitoring of the TA. UCU CCCU will pursue the identified backlog of TA problems through these weekly meetings.  




The TA Review 9 November – Progress and Further Possibilities


The good news of positive student recruitment has led to UCU CCCU’s expectation of a negotiated end to STW work within the TA.


UCU CCCU and our regional negotiator made this clear to SMT today.


Whilst retention into Semester Two is a key issue the positive recruitment is very promising.


However, it is recognised that adjustments to the TA must be based on sound financial information and that full October data is not currently available.


A further JNCCC TA Review Meeting will be scheduled in the first week in December at which UCU CCCU will:   


develop the clear expectations that STW within the TA will be ended asap. 


emphasise that the TA provides provision for negotiated restitution of staff losses into and beyond the Academic Year 20/21. 



Teaching Online – Progress and Review 


UCU CCCU with the support of Regional Officers,  in line with National UCU Policy and in discussion at Branch Meetings, have sought to negotiate the movement to Teaching Online in the context of maintaining:


essential University activities safely


the importance of School, Programme and Academic autonomies


the recognition of staff and student Health and Safety and Mental Health provision.


This negotiation is ongoing and is evidenced in the:


Framework for Learning and Teaching during the Lockdown (5 November to 2 December) due to be published today by SMT.


This document recognises:


the importance of the ongoing JNCSG negotiations initiated by UCU CCCU


the importance of autonomy and decision-making at programme and school levels


the centrality of individual Risks Assessments and their ongoing review for staff Health and Safety. 


These points are additional to UCU CCCU’s commitment to fully support any member of staff who feels unsafe or coerced in relation to their health safety and well – being in any work – related role, situation, or environment. 



Workload Planning – Progress and a New Framework


UCU CCCU have stressed in negotiations with SMT the problems of WLP in relation to STW and the TA characterised as:


80% pay for 120% work


a broken WLP model


confusing guidance on WLP within the TA .


At the TA Review UCU CCCU have negotiated:


a focus on the process document negotiated by UCU CCCU ((https://cccu.canterbury.ac.uk/20-21-temporary-collective-agreement/docs/Implementation-of-Temporary-Agreement-AWLP.pdfas guidance for WLP and ongoing review within the TA 


the WLP group established by UCU CCCU and HR will begin again to work to develop appropriate WLP models and the framework for future implementation beyond the TA


the current guidance on WLP on the University website will be re-designed in the light of the above.



We look forward to seeing you at Branch Meetings. The next Brach meetings are scheduled on 18 November and 2 and 16 December 2020.


Together we are making a difference


All Best Wishes,


Bryan Hawkins





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