Dear Members,


As I am sure you realise these are important and vital times for the future of our University, Higher Education and the health of our communities.


The UCU CCCU EXEC have been working and negotiating to support staff across our University as UCU nationally has been working to support Staff in HE and FE Nationally.


UCU CCCU’s agreed local priorities are:


Health and Safety


Workload and The Temporary Agreement


Currently UCU CCCU are further prioritising and emphasising important areas in relation to which SMT need to act urgently and communicate effectively to staff.


The next UCU CCCU Branch meeting will be on 21 October 1-2pm (link https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/db2cb8e4c39d40f7bd318de87ce0cd4a)


The below is the text of a UCU CCCU email sent today to SMT.





Thank you for accepting the need for prioritisation of issues within SMT UCU CCCU discussions at the current time.


I do realise you are very busy and particularly pressurised and UCU CCCU thank you for your ongoing work across our University.


UCU CCCU wish to avoid unhelpful confrontation and the breakdown of collaborative efforts within the TA.


Prioritisation will I hope help us to assure members and staff they are being heard and allow us to move on to clear the backlog developing in relation to the delivery of the TA (Temporary Agreement) and in relation to issues raised within P2021 (Project 20/21).


As mentioned yesterday the following points are communicated not as new issues but as implementation priorities by UCU CCCU and as areas where decisions have already been made or where we feel there is or should be consensus based on recent extensive discussion and negotiation.


The points below are in addition to UCU CCCU’s expectation of a Review of the Temporary Agreement in relation to the current CCCU student numbers and financial situation. 


I would like to be able to report back positively on these points to the UCU CCCU Branch Meeting this coming Wednesday 21 Oct .


The priority points are:


The assurance and communication of actions to ensure the safety of front-line staff and particularly academic front line staff in connection with Covid cases and outbreak control.

Assurance and communication should as a minimum:


Provide clearly defined guidance on actions to be taken in outbreak scenarios that are made available and accessible to both staff and students


Ensure that all staff and students in the case of a confirmed Covid case within a teaching group where staff have been teaching f2f on site know what to do and what to expect of others and CCCU


Ensure All members of any teaching group with a confirmed Covid case will be immediately informed and requested to self-isolate and certainly whilst any investigation as to distancing and other issues occur.


Provide guidance on the safety procedures (and as above) that will be given clear and high profile on staff and student portals and in website design


Updating on Covid: clear daily updates for staff and students are vital to ensure confidence in CCCU leadership and to respect the commitment and professionalism of staff. 


Updates should:


Be daily and include weekly totals


Follow the Bath model


Be high profile on staff and student portals and in website design


WLP planning guidance needs to be simplified and communicated more effectively

The current guidance is confusing and submerges collaborative SMT/HR/UCU CCCU guidance. Evidence from across the University suggests WLP is creating anxiety and tension for staff and is not working effectively for managers.


UCU CCCU urge that in line with recent discussions:


‘Parked’ details on WLP process for future consideration are removed from guidance and websites for the duration of the Temporary Agreement


Clear and uncompromised access to the agreed SMT/HR/UCU CCCU guidance for staff is established


The agreed SMT/HR/UCU CCCU Guidance is given a clear and accessible profile in website design


The agreed SMT/HR/UCU CCCU Guidance is communicated directly to managers and staff as the basis for WLP conversations and WLP review.


Please note UCU CCCU will discuss at our Branch Meeting 21 Oct the issue of UCU guidance in relation to online teaching in relation to the current local and national situation and in relation to the CCCU and SMT actions and assurances currently and urgently requested here as priorities.


Best Wishes,


Bryan Hawkins


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