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Branch Newsletter 29/4/20

Dear Member,
We hope that you are well and safe.
Below are the items raised by members for this week.
We will circulate the SMT responses as soon as they are received.
Please send Issues Comments and Questions for next week by 5pm Saturday 2nd May.
Best Wishes,
Bryan Hawkins

Week  Ending 1st May –  UCU CCCU Comments, Questions for SMT 
UCU CCCU thank you for the answers and responses provided by SMT.
We will continue to develop this important initiative communicating weekly with SMT and providing comments, issues and specific questions raised by members. UCU CCCU members have been sent the answers and responses from you received 19/12
We  welcome your statement:
We are absolutely committed to dealing with all queries.  
and in relation to your comment
However some staff are simply not going to the ‘Advice and Guidance’ (FAQ) pages.  These pages are extensive and being updated daily.  We must encourage all staff to look at the FAQs first. 
UCU CCCU will emphasise to staff the importance you have attached to the FAQ’s and will continue to work towards improved communication,  full collaboration with SMT and full representation of UCU CCCU within University structures and decision making fora and groups.
UCU CCCU communication for SMT Week ending 1st May.
Whilst UCU CCU recognise the great achievements of staff in moving online members have communicated their concerns that:
the University is far from prepared and resourced for extended online operation
student and staff access technology and library resources are patchy and this represents a significant new dimension of inequality experienced by staff and students
any gains that might be predicted and projected onto a new normal for the University need to be treated with great caution, relief felt at managing the immediate emergency is not an indicator that any effective, fair and appropriately resourced extended online delivery can be achieved on this basis alone
there are worries that disabled staff and students are bot being fully supported
members feel that have not been effectively involved in the development of teaching and learning initiatives to the extent that will be needed to significantly extend online teaching into next academic year and beyond current emergency provision.
Does SMT recognise and agree the points above ?
Staff will require some access some to their offices to facilitate planning are arrangements for limited access progressing ?
Staff recovering from CV19 have noted the importance of a period of convalescence, staff currently working online are experiencing  increased workloads and difficulties in planning leave. Are these problems and problems of burn-out and extra stress recognised by SMT?
What actions should be taken by staff in these cases and can the Well Being and Mental Health policies be amended in reation to CV19?
Can University managers please clarify, before any meeting, if meetings will be recorded and for what proposes any recording will be used ?
UCU CCCU  request that a joint Special Project with representatives from across the University and including UCU CCCU is established, as a priority to consider the principles and major actions that can establish the University as a Safe Working and Learning Environment.

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