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Branch Update 30/03/20

The UCU Executive and Regional Officers send best wishes to all staff and at this difficult time for us all.

Recent UCU CCCU efforts have been focused on:

  1. Gaining assurances for all workers at CCCU that all work scheduled prior to the CV19 crisis will be paid by CCCU. We have been given assurances on this verbally but we are not sure these have reached all parts of the University and we have experienced situations in which staff have been told by managers they are not required and with no further details

      2. Negotiating a pause in review and redundancy processes at CCCU.

There has been no movement on pausing the implementation plan for FAH. 

Regarding the FAH FEd merger the following has been offered by SMT but falls short of our full aims.

Here is the VC’s latest position and communication regarding the FAH Review:


  • We have extended the deadline to 30 April – this recognises that staff need time to transition to the new world of day-to-day work from home as well as responding to the consultation.  There are also lots of 1:1 and other technology facilitated engagements as set out in LT’s email.


  • We want SMT to consider the consultation responses and come to a decision by 12 May – this responds to staff feedback that they would like certainty about the new structure of the merged faculty asap


  • Any SMT decision would then lead to the implementation stage.  We need to move to this to enable us to slot and match many people where there is a 1:1 match – this then means certainty for the vast majority of colleagues by end May/early June


  • However a handful of colleagues may still be ‘technically’ at risk but we will not place them formally at risk or issue notices of redundancy until the Covid -19 crisis has calmed down – in the mean time we will use this time to see whether the EVR scheme or redeployment within other parts of the University can be effected.

3. Assuring UCU CCCU representation in the SMT CV19 crisis decision making structures.  

 UCU CCCU reps Bryan Hawkins, Antonio Sama (Change and Review) Chris Biela (Health  and Safety) have joined the Operational Delivery Group. However no invitation has been received to the Strategic Group. We are aware of groups being set up with Student Union representation but no UCU CCCU representation and there has been a resistance to the principle of UCU representation in crisis management groups. UCU CCCU are in regular contact with the VC and Head of HR and this will continue.



Whilst we continue these efforts above we are setting up a new initiative  based on members perspectives concerns and priorities  We are asking for your questions for the VC and SMT.

This we hope and with your help will become an important way we can monitor, influence support engage with and where necessary challenge current policy and decision making during the crisis.


Send us your questions e.g.

How will SMT ensure all managers and staff are aware of the assurance and procedures so that all work scheduled before the CV 19 crisis will be paid ?

How can staff apply for IT equipment vital to support home working? 

What additional resources to ensure the mental health of staff will CCCU be providing ? 

Policy Workplace Questions to:

Health and Safety related questions to; and


The questions fully anonymised will be raised in the Operational Group and will additionally be sent to the VC and SMT on a weekly basis.  UCU CCCU  will communicate the questions and answers and with UCU CCU Exec comments and Regional UCU comments to UCU CCCU members and attempt to communicate answers to all staff.

In this way UCU CCCU will seek to represent members and staff at CCCU .

BUT this initiative depends on YOUR  involvement. 

We need to work together on this and be assured UCU CCCU will follow up on any insufficient incomplete or inappropriate answers to your questions.

PLEASE SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS AT ANY TIME these will be brought to the OPERATIONAL GROUP MEETINGS Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and collated for sending ton the VC and SMY every Wednesday. 

All Best Wishes,

Bryan Hawkins Chair UCU CCCU

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