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UCU CCCU Branch Update

Dear UCU Members,

Following negotiation with SMT in relation to Reviews and Change at CCCU and the current FAH Review the emails below have been exchanged between UCU Regional officer Ade Phillips on behalf of the UCU CCCU Branch and the VC.

UCU started its Change and Review Campaign with an excellent UCU CCCU turnout at the FAH Town Hall meeting last week. Leaflets were handed out, colleagues in FAH supported, and the strong positive presence of so many UCU members (and our banner)  expressed a clear sense of our concern and our engagement with the manner in which change and review processes are managed at our University.

UCU CCCU will await the outcome of the SMT meeting on 28 January  and the exchange below before meeting and agreeing further actions and campaign strategies.

Best Wishes,

Bryan Hawkins Chair UCU CCCU

Email from UCU REGION  23rd January

Following our meeting on 14th January we recognise that elements of positive progress have been made and we hope that further and full progress can be quickly processed relating to adequate and appropriate enhanced redundancy terms, as well as retirement initiatives. Your commitment to avoiding redundancies and facilitating meaningful consultation within this process will be a significant factor in underpinning positive industrial relations at CCCU.

We would politely request (pending the scheduled Town Hall meeting) a written response within one calendar week to the points raised above.

Please note that the Branch are firmly of the belief that positive steps and actions will be taken by CCCU and a mutually satisfactory resolution can be agreed, however they also maintain that the likelihood of an official dispute will be unavoidable if the current status quo remains.

Once again thank you for your time and for your colleague’s time last week.

Email from VC 24 January

Thank-you for your email. We appreciated the meeting and the willingness, on both sides, to work constructively in this situation.  We have a stated commitment (in our redundancy and re-organisation policy) to meaningfully engage with staff and the Trade Unions to find, wherever possible, alternative solutions to mitigate the need for any compulsory redundancies.

At the Staff Forum on Wednesday,  which ended the formal consultation period for the Faculty Review, we informed staff that the university is giving detailed consideration to offering an enhanced redundancy scheme but we have not yet made a decision on whether we will. SMT are meeting on Tuesday and we have agreed that we will notify staff in the Faculty of SMT’s decision on whether we can offer an enhanced redundancy scheme as soon as we possibly can. We will keep you and Bryan updated.

With best wishes


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