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We’re working to get a Facilities Agreement in place – it shouldn’t be this hard

Facilities Agreements underpin trade union activities in the work place.

They set out what support the employer will give the union to carry out their duties.

They are a vital piece of best practice industrial relations.

Ours is out of date and urgently needs updating to cover:

  • The total time agreed for UCU CCCU officers
  • The funding of UCU CCCU officers which is currently inappropriate, too little and out of step with other universities

Some progress has been made since term two last year. We now have:

  • A UCU office LG69
  • A 0.6 admin support has been provisionally agreed for UCU CCCU
  • Work has been done to draw up a contract to replace the out of date contract in existence

But progress has been slow and we are awaiting SMT to respond to UCU proposals covering.

If progress is not made at the JNCC on Nov 2 UCU CCCU will enter into formal dispute and inform ACAS of failure to achieve basic agreements.

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